5 Reasons to Play Mini Golf this Weekend

21 Apr 2022
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As both a nostalgic pastime from our youth and a fun, social activity, mini golf has managed to stand the test of time! Why? Because mini golf is perfect for any social occasion and a fantastic activity for all ages!  

As a solo or group activity, you can try and beat your own personal best, or you can raise the stakes by challenging your loved ones to Putt Putt Island Mini Golf here at Sugarworld Adventure Park.

If you choose to go up against your family, group of friends, neighbours, colleagues or partner, make sure you prepare for some healthy competition. There can only be one person to come out on top as the mini-golf champion!  

Are you still wondering whether mini golf is for you? Read more of our top 5 reasons why you should give mini golf a try this weekend:  

1. Mini Golf is a terrific way to clock up some daily physical activity – According to the Australian Health Department, adults should do 2.5 to 5 hours of moderate-intensity physical activity each week (Aus Department of Health, 2022). Mini golf is a fantastic way to contribute to exercise recommendations, break up any sedentary periods throughout your day and clock up some light exercise.

2. Mini Golf is a game for everyone – Mini Golf is a fabulous activity for all ages and abilities. Firstly, our friendly staff will help you get started by fitting you with an appropriately sized putter to help you hit on par and then you can head on out and play at your own pace. Choose to make it a fast go or slow go, or make it your own game with your preferred scoring rules.  

3. Mini Golf is a great social activity – Now that restrictions have eased, people are looking for opportunities to catch up with loved ones, friends and family.  And if you are looking for a great bonding activity, mini golf is a fantastic option for a social outing! Mini golf can help you work on good sportsmanship while having some laughs along the way and can also improve your mental health and wellbeing. Participation in social physical activity contributes positively to mental health and wellbeing, by strengthening our relationships and links with one another and by improving mood and control of anxiety and depressive symptoms (VicHealth, 2014). It is also an engaging activity for kids' and birthday parties, special celebratory events, date nights and more! 

4. Mini Golf is a way to get outdoors and take in some fresh air – Many mini golf courses are outdoors, so mini golf is the perfect option if you are looking for some fresh air! If you book on a wonderful day, you will be sure to soak up some beneficial Vitamin D while enjoying the sunshine and fresh air breeze. Regular physical activity and safe exposure to the sun’s UV radiation can assist the body in producing Vitamin D, which helps to control calcium levels and support strong bones, muscles and overall health (Better Health Channel, 2021). Plus, you might even be lucky enough to spot a few native animals or local wildlife around the course, including as our beloved peacocks and ducks!

5. Mini Golf promotes strategic thinking – Do you love to stretch your mind? Well, if you love a stimulating game that keeps you on your toes, Adventure Mini Golf will have you using your brainpower to out putt your opponents and beat their score on each hole. With slopes and obstacles throughout each hole, you will need to determine the force behind your swing and the angle at which you will hit your ball. And, if you are clever, you might even have a go at some trick shots and see what you can rebound your ball off to get that hole in one! 

Ready to play? Click below to book a game of putt-putt as your next weekend activity today and enjoy the wonderful benefits of mini golf!  


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