Accessibility at Sugarworld Adventure Park

We want to ensure your next visit to Sugarworld Adventure Park is as comfortable, safe and enjoyable as possible! Providing options and accessibility for everyone is important to us, for more information on planning your next visit please find a list of our special services offered below.

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Accessible Parking

Parking for guests with a physical disability is available adjacent to the main gate entrance ramp. These car parking spaces are clearly marked with the international disability symbol.

Discounted Entrance Prices

As not all attractions are fully accessible to people with a disability we offer a discounted rate for guests who:

  • Use a wheelchair
  • Have an intellectual, aural or visual disability
  • Have a State or Commonwealth issued Carers Card (must be presented upon entry)

Companion Card Holders Are Free

Companions of a person with a disability must present their Companion Card upon entry. One companion entry per person with a disability.

Carers Card holders receive discounted entry (Carers Card must be presented upon entry).

You are welcome to call Sugerworld Adventure Park on (07) 4055 5477 before your visit to discuss your eligibility for these rates, and to discuss wheelchair accessibility and waterslide restrictions.

Guests with an Amputation or Prosthesis

For safety reasons, guests with an amputated limb or prosthesis may be unable to use some of our slides.

As situations vary, our team may be able to assist with determining which slides and attractions can be undertaken safely.

This can be done on the day you attend Sugarworld Adventure Park or prior to by visiting or contacting our office.

Guests with Epilepsy and Motions Sickness

Some of our attractions are not recommended for guests with epilepsy, motion sickness or those who experience seizures.

We suggest you contact Sugarworld Adventure Park prior to your visit or speak to someone upon arrival.

As situations vary, our team may be able to assist with determining which slides/attractions can be undertaken safely.

Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dogs are Welcome

Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dogs are welcome in the park. However we cannot permit them to be on, or in, any of our attractions. They must wear their working vest identifying their role at all times.

Casts and Visible Injuries

Guests with a visible injury, such as a cast, are unable to ride any of the water slides for safety reasons. Guests with injuries are welcome to use the swimming pools with appropriate waterproofing.

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